A fence for cows on the American farm. Author: kavaram

Manual Resources

BQA National Manual

Formalized training materials which support the efforts of all state BQA coordinators to train their beef producers on the topics of BQA.

 Download BQA Manual (PDF) 

BQA Field Guide

An interactive quick reference guide for cattle producers to find exactly the BQA information they are looking for.

 Download Field Guide (PDF) 

Antibiotic Stewardship for Beef Producers

Responsible antibiotic use is important to ensure that animal health technologies remain viable for the beef industry. It is key that judicious use protocols are developed so that animals are never marketed with residues and that cattlemen responsibly treat sick cattle.

 Download Antibiotic Stewardship for Beef Producers (PDF) 

 FDA Approved Drugs Information 

Cattle Industry Guidelines for the Care and Handling of Cattle

Cattlemen have long recognized the need to properly care for the animals under their care. This informative brochure illustrates sound animal husbandry practices to help farmers and ranchers ensure the wellbeing of the cattle under their care.

  Download cattle care and handling (PDF) 

BQA Transportation Manual

This is the official Transportation Manual of the Beef Quality Assurance program and includes the most current set of key practices, guidelines, and suggestions for providing thoughtful and responsible cattle management while in transport. The material in this manual serves as a helpful resource and serves as the foundation for training and certification programs offered nationally and by many states.

 Download BQAT Manual (PDF)