• National Beef Quality Audits

    The National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) is a comprehensive survey that evaluates beef industry efforts to improve beef quality. Conducted every five years since 1991, the checkoff-funded Audit assesses progress the industry makes on a variety of production issues that ultimately affect consumer demand for beef.

  • Manuals

    Formalized training materials and reference guides which support the efforts of all state BQA coordinators to train their beef producers on the topics of BQA.

  • Templates & Assessments

    Booklets designed to help all cattle feeders, stockers, and cow-calf producers benchmark their operations in areas such as animal welfare, cattle handling, record keeping, etc.

  • Videos

    View all of our educational and informational videos for you to watch, share, and include on your own web site.

  • Trainer Registration

    Register yourself now if you are a BQA trainer in your state. Registration will be followed by an approval request to your state coordinator. If you are interested in a becoming a trainer, please contact your state coordinator.