Our History

There is consensus among most industry analysts that BQA efforts across the nation have been instrumental in recent successes in re-building beef demand.

The precursor to BQA, “Beef Safety Assurance” originally emphasized targeting real and perceived beef safety issues. Measures were successfully implemented, including educating stakeholders about proper use of pharmaceutical products and the honoring of withdrawal times.

Dee Griffin, DVM, previously a professor at Great Plains Veterinary Education Center, University of Nebraska, was among the BQA pioneers. “It’s a process of figuring out what could go wrong, planning to avoid it – then validating and documenting what you have done,” Griffin says. “BQA is just part of good business.”


  • Late 1970's

    Precursor to BQA, Beef Safety Assurance, started

  • Early 1980's

    The precursor aimed at assuring the beef was free of volatile chemical residues

  • 1985

    Modeled HACCP plan after Pillsbury's plan

  • Early 1990's

    BQA programs funded by check off began in states

  • 1991

    First National Beef Quality Audit

  • 1994

    First National Market Cow and Bull Beef Quality Audit

  • Fall

    Transportation BQA Manual

  • Fall

    National BQA Trainers Manual

  • 2009

    BQA Awards Program Initiated

  • Spring 2009

    BQA Feedyard Assessment

  • Fall 2009

    Dairy BQA Manual

  • Fall 2010

    BQA Stocker/Cow-Calf/Seedstock Assessments

  •  2015

    Cattle Care and Handling Guide (UPDATE)

    New Dairy Collaboration outlined - FARM

  •  2016

    BQA Feedyard Assessment (REVISED)

    Antibiotic Stewardship for Beef Producers Handbook

  •  2017

    Online modules and Learning Management System launched

    BQA Transportation introduced

  •  2019

    Supply chain BQA requirements enacted

    New BQA National Manual

    BQA Consumer Campaign

  •  2020

    Packer BQAT requirements enacted

    Refreshed Learning Management System and online modules

    BQA Field Guide

  •  2021

    BQA Transportation Manual

    Biosecurity Advanced Education Module

    Calf Care & Quality Assurance Program