BQA Awards

2017 Cow Calf Award

Wulf Cattle is a family operation that takes great pride in raising safe, quality and wholesome beef for consumers.  The majority of Wulf Cattle’s cow herd resides in Nebraska with a predominantly Limousin, Angus and Commercial cow herd.  They believe animal care is essential for the long term viability of their business, and their focus on quality incorporates daily discussion on Beef Quality Assurance Best Management Practices.

2017 Feedyard Award

The 22,000 head Magnum Feedyard is extremely dedicated to the care and comfort of the cattle they feed and are early adopters of new technologies to improve cattle health and well-being.  This progressive feeding operation is committed to building a culture of transparency between the cattle feeding industry and consumers, and promote BQA principles and guidelines on a daily basis.

2017 Dairy Award

Hoffman Farms is a 1,500 cow dairy operation shipping approximately 7,000 gallons of milk per day.  This family run operation believes that building trust involves implementing Dairy Beef Quality Assurances practices through education and experiences to produce healthy, nutritious and safe food for our growing population.

2017 Marketer Award

IMI Global provides beef producers a unique opportunity to connect with consumers by serving as the vehicle for producers to tell their BQA story.  The company has become the U.S. leader in third-party verification, certification and value-added solutions for beef producers with programs in every sector of the livestock industry.  IMI Global is working to establish equivalencies between the BQA standard and other existing or emerging programs.

2017 Educator Award

Working in the field of beef veterinary medicine for more than 30 years, Dr. Bob Smith knows firsthand the role veterinarians must play in Beef Quality Assurance.  Smith’s service and insight has helped shape and mold the BQA program since its inception.  With more than 150 presentations to beef producers, veterinarians and allied groups, he has influenced countless cattlemen and women across North America and Europe.  His passion and drive to teach producers, feedlot employees and others the implementation of BQA is probably what he enjoys most.

The National BQA Award recognizes outstanding beef, marketer and dairy producers that best demonstrate animal care and handling principles as part of the day-to-day activities on their respective operations.  A common trait among all contest entrants must be a strong desire to continually improve BQA on their operations while encouraging others to implement the producer education program.

National BQA award winners are selected by a committee of representatives from universities, state beef councils and affiliated groups.  Nominations can be submitted by any organization, group, or individual on behalf of a U.S. beef producer.  Individuals and families may not nominate themselves, however, the nominees are expected to be involved in the preparation of the application. 

Four National BQA Awards (Beef Cow-Calf and Feedyard, Dairy, and Marketer) are funded in part by The Beef Checkoff program with additional financial support provided by Cargill Meat Solutions.  The program promotes beef quality assurance in all segments of the industry, including commercial cow-calf, seedstock, stocker operators, feedlots and dairy operations.

The BQA Educator Award is sponsored in part by The Beef Checkoff program with additional financial support provided by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica.