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BQA Feedyard Cattle Handling Video

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This instructional video covers many different areas of the feedyard and demonstrates the proper way to handle cattle in each stage.

Transportation Quality Assurance Program

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Program designed to strengthen existing "Master Cattle Transporter" programming to include a certification component developed to service the needs of truckers who transport both cattle and hogs.

"Focal Point" DVD -An Auction Market Beef Quality Assurance Guide

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Collaborative effort between the BQA program and the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA).  More than 99% of all U.S. auction markets have received this useful.

BQA Educational Series

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These modules focus on the philosphy that underpins the Beef and Dairy Quality Assurance programs, the procedures and protocols that are foundations of effective implementation, and the use of stockmanship in support of BQA.

"Focal Point" DVD -BQA Stock Trailer Transportation

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This 45-minute training video covers cattle behavior and provides techniques for proper loading, unloading and driving when handling and transporting animals.

"Focal Point" DVD -BQA Injection Site

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This video demonstrates the importance of proper administration of animal health products. It also discusses BQA practices that help reduce or eliminate avoidable injection site defects in beef.

Cattle Handling on Cow-Calf Operations

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How we handle our cattle impacts beef quality and when done correctly, beef quality goes up. Learn from leading experts on why it is so important and hear their tips on best practices.

Facilities Design

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Designing cattle handling systems for small, medium and large operations.