Georgia BQA Resources

For more information about the BQA curriculum specific to Georgia, please visit the Georgia BQA website or contact the State Coordinators.

State Coordinators

Raymond fitzpatrick

University of Georgia
County Extension Coordinator
(706) 384-2843
[email protected]

Jason Duggin

University of Georgia
Gordon County Agricultural Center
(706) 624-1403
[email protected]


Georgia Cattlemen's Association
Executive Vice President
(478) 474-6560
[email protected]

Frequently Ased Questions

Who is in charge of the Georgia BQA Program?

The Georgia BQA Program is a joint effort of the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association, Georgia Beef Board, and the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

How do you get BQA certified in Georgia?

There are two ways to get Beef Quality Assurance Certified in Georgia. The first is to attend a live-training provided by a BQA Trainer. These sessions last approximately 2.5 hours. Following the educational training you must pass a written exam. Participants receive a BQA Manual. Upon completion of the course, participants are issued a certificate and BQA Certification Number. The second way to get BQA Certified is to do so online through the NCBA Beef Learning Center at After registering, participants will be taken through an interactive training module that can be completed online, anytime. Participants can start and stop training at their convenience without losing their progress.

How long is my BQA certification good?

A Georgia BQA Certification is good for three years.

How do I re-certify?

There are two options you may choose to re-certify. The first option is that you may take the BQA Training and Test again to renew your certification. The second option is for you to accumulate the required re-certification credit hours during your three year certification period. Producers/industry members must obtain three (3) re-certification credit hours in accordance with the re-certification guidelines in order to renew their certification. Please note that all re-certification credit hours must be received in the Georgia Beef Board office within 90 days after the expiration of your certification. All producers who obtain the required re-certification credit hours will be mailed a renewal notice after certification expiration.