The Stockman & Stewardship sessions teach handling methods that improve gathering, penning, chute work, and hauling. Much emphasis is placed on ways to increase cattle performance by reducing handling stress, and interactive discussions show how cattlemen can actually shape consumer's perception of beef. Other topics include how the principles presented actually have a significant economic — as well as "quality of life" — benefit when applied in a cattle enterprise.


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"Just wanted to let you know my husband and I attended one of these programs with Curt Pate at the Miles City Livestock Commission April 21 and it was excellent!  My husband grew up ranching (and I’m fairly new to it) but we both picked up a lot of good information both from Curt, as well as from the sale barn's vet and Clint Peck.   Thanks for bringing this to ranchers. It’s more important than ever that people are aware of and DO handle their livestock well.
Rebecca Colnar Mott
Montana Farm Bureau

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