History of BQA

There is consensus among most industry analysts that BQA efforts across the nation have been instrumental in recent successes in re-building beef demand. It’s also been recognized that implementation of BQA practices provides cattlemen an important tool in avoiding additional and burdensome government regulation.

The precursor to BQA, “Beef Safety Assurance” originally emphasized targeting real and perceived beef safety issues. Measures were successfully implemented, including educating stakeholders about proper use of pharmaceutical products and the honoring of withdrawal times.

Dee Griffin, DVM and associate professor, Great Plains Veterinary Education Center, University of Nebraska, was among the BQA pioneers. “It’s a process of figuring out what could go wrong, planning to avoid it – then validating and documenting what you have done,” Griffin says. “BQA is just part of good business.”








More Than 30 Years of
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