Dairy BQA

Dairy Beef Quality Assurance plays a critical role in production of high quality milk. DBQA is a program that can help dairy producers manage their operations in way that will insure quality milk as well as produce beef that will meet consumer expectations.

Through DBQA, producers recognize that every time they cull an animal from the dairy herd, they make the same commitment to food safety and quality that they make when they market their milk. This commitment extends throughout the productive life of the dairy animal prior to beef harvest. DBQA programs provide guidelines, information and management practices that are backed by sound science – giving dairy producers the tools to promote quality and value in three key areas of DBQA: 

  • Manage dairy cattle in a way that minimizes quality defects.
  • Monitor the health and condition of dairy cattle.
  • Market dairy cattle in a timely manner.

When better quality cows leave the farm and ranch the market place, producers, packers and consumers all benefit. DBQA helps the quality-conscious dairy producer meet the expectations of the quality-conscious consumer while also increasing dairy profitability.

To view the Dairy Beef Quality Assurance manual, click here.

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