2010 BQA Award Winner - Jim Warren – 101 Livestock, Inc – Aromas, CA

101 Livestock, Inc., is a livestock auction market located in Aromas, CA that predominantly sells beef cattle at public auctions which are held 50 weeks per year.  Jim Warren originally leased the facility in 1975.  At that time, the business had two full time employees and sold about 5,000 cattle annually.  Today there are 12 full time employees and up to 60,000 cattle are sold each year.  Beginning in 1985 and finishing in 1991 Jim and his employees completely redesigned and modernized 101 Livestock.  By using common sense along with input from recognized cattle handling and facility design experts; Jim and his crew where able to create an auction market that excels in terms of cattle handling and cattle comfort. 

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2010 Dairy BQA Award - Phoebe Bitler – Vista Grande Farm - Fleetwood, PA



Phoebe Bitler is the co-owner of Vista Grande Farms along with husband David and their son Jesse. Originally founded in 1937 by Phoebe’s parents, Vista Grande Farm is a Registered Holstein dairy operation with 100 milking cows as well as 150 replacement females that the Bitler’s develop for them and for neighboring dairies.  Phoebe helps manage the day-to-day operations and focuses much attention on maximizing cow comfort through regular hoof trimming, water beds, and by using tunnel ventilation in their barns.  Vista Grande Farm is located in a densely populated county in southeastern Pennsylvania right next to a heavily traveled road which has created some challenges but also provides the opportunity to showcase a tidy farmstead, along with clean and well cared for animals to the consuming public.

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